About KSPW18

Our inaugural event took place at the National Library on Saturday 10 March 2018. We've posted a few frequently asked questions below.


Who could attend?

Everyone was welcome to attend, irrespective of gender identity and expression, ethnicity, fully or less-abled.  Our theme for this event was #represent – we wanted everyone to feel welcome and included, and to create a safe space to connect and share.


How Did the event work?

The event included speakers, performers, panel discussions, and an opportunity to meet others who are also interested in diversity and gender equality.  And yes, there was food!


How did we practice diversity and inclusion at the event?

In a range of ways - from our organising team to our partners, through to the physical set-up of the event (such as access to the site and gender-neutral bathrooms) and speakers and performers on the day. We spent a lot of time trying to crack this nut… but it’s the hardest nut to crack. We did our best to engage across a wide range of communities, but we also acknowledge there were things that we learned along the way and on the day.


waS the event accessible?

We worked to make the event accessible for everyone. To find out more about accessibility at Kate Sheppard Place Women 2018, check out our Accessibility Guide.


HOw are we working with other groups in this space?

We recognise that without the efforts of countless people over the years and today, an event like Kate Sheppard Place Women would not be possible. Kate Sheppard Place Women is following in the footsteps of the work done tirelessly by those dedicated to giving voice to the marginalised. They are the pioneers, and this event builds on their foundations. 

Kate Sheppard Place Women is proud to partner with a number of organisations that work to promote and support minority voices. For more information about our partners, take a look here.