Our Partners

We value the support and input we've received from many like minded groups in creating this event.  Our partners are people who share our values of diversity, inclusion, and the importance of women's voices. We're working with them and learning from them, sharing their knowledge and engaging with the communities they represent.

Ministry For Women

Kate Sheppard Place Women is proud to be a part of the Suffrage 125 national event programme


National Council of Women of New Zealand




Our friends

Our friends are like-minded groups who share KSPW's goals of diversity and promoting women's voices. If you believe in the message of KSPW, these are people you might want to check out.

Our Wahine


Our supporters

People who are supporting us in bringing you KSPW. They stand behind the message of this event, and are working to help us make it a reality.

L.A.B Visuals

Event photography provided by L.A.B visuals.