Job Description: Sponsorship Manager

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We’re looking for a sponsorship manager to support an all-female team to deliver Kate Sheppard Place Women (KPSW), a half-day event taking place in March 2019, which strives to be the best female-driven speaker event in New Zealand.  The event and the team are Wellington-based.

This is a volunteer role - you’ll see this as an opportunity to branch out and prove your strength in coms and social media.  This is not a sit back and watch role. You’ll be able to practice and hone your skills in a supportive environment while being given plenty of opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.  

You will have a keen interest regarding issues of women’s representation, diversity and inclusion. You will be driven, motivated, and talented, and able to flex your time to fit the needs of the event. Event founder, Natalia Albert, produced the first two TEDxWomen events in New Zealand, and others who have volunteered in her event teams, have gone on to work in dream roles based on their experience in her events, the exposure and connection created, and Nat’s vibrant references as to the role they played.

You’ll work with Natalia and the team to support and execute our sponsorship and marketing strategy. This event succeeds or fails on how we work together, so you’ll be a team player who can get on with anyone, collaborate with flair, and keep the energy up through those late nights and caffeine fuelled activity. 

There will be no monetary payment, but we will provide time and energy.  Hopefully you will gain skills and valuable experience. If you perform well, we would be happy to provide a written and verbal reference and the opportunity to continuing to work in the KSPW team in the future.

Please send in your CV and letter of interest to

Key responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with other KSPW team members to identify key stakeholders and coordinate sponsorship actions

  • Develop proposals to send to different stakeholders to solicit sponsorships.

  • Meet potential sponsors and explain to them the benefit of sponsoring the KSPW event.

  • Implement sponsorship strategies in line with KSPW’s vision, to maximize revenues.

  • Act as a liaison between sponsors and KSPW.

Time Commitment:

This role is time intensive. There will be weekly team meetings up until the event.


  • Show up regularly to the meetings. If for some reason you are unable be, please notify the team members 24 hours before.

  • Stick to the deadlines of assigned tasks and duties.

  • Check daily, the  main communication app Slack for updated communication between KSPW team members.